Imagine having a complete finance office working within your business, from Bookkeeper to Finance Director. Having the resource would be fantastic, but employing every individual would be costly.

We love small and medium sized businesses and believe they are the heartbeat of this country’s’ economy. We want to support these businesses by providing an exceptional financial outsourcing and bookkeeping package, with expertise at every level required to do so.

One thing we pride ourselves on is accuracy.

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Incorrect financial information is as good as no financial information, and when making key business decisions you need to be sure your numbers are right.

We really enjoy what we do and gaining a new client is like welcoming new colleagues. Building a business is hard enough and we believe having Our Head Office behind you will make it easier.

We would love to meet you and let Our Head Office become your head office too!

Hi, I'm
Paul Knappett

Managing Director

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When I started
Our Head Office

…I was frustrated by the quality of the financial outsourcing and bookkeeping services available for small and medium sized businesses. Yes there are lots of them, but most of them just number crunch and do not understand your business. Processing numbers is part of a requirement by HMRC, but explaining, analysing and acting upon them is where the value is added and I believe this has become lost within our industry.

This is what Our Head Office has been set up to do, add value to small and medium sized businesses, through providing an exceptional outsourcing and bookkeeping package.

I have obtained lots of experience through working for one of the largest outsourcing teams in the UK, becoming a qualified certified chartered accountant and acting in Finance Director roles in a number of small and medium sized companies, industries ranging from catering, manufacturing, financial services and education.

My pledge to your business is we will add value, I just ask that you give us the chance to show you how.

Paul Knappett
Managing Director

Since working with our business Our Head Office have stabilised what was previously an unbalanced approach to the accounts processes. They have installed a confidence in the information being reported and in the short time they spend with us each month, achieve a lot. They are always prepared to offer advice and assistance whenever needed, and they are now a valuable part of the efficient operation of Up To Speed Training & Assessment Ltd.

Adrian Pulham M.D, Up To Speed Training & Assessment Ltd