From the Founder – Stop manually inputting bank transactions, upload using CSV

17/04/2019 Paul Knappett

If you find yourself manually inputting bank transactions into your accounting system, you really need to stop. Most accounting systems allow you to sync with your bank account directly, however I spoke to a business this week who had a problem with the Co-op bank feed which had stopped working. The obvious answer was to start manually inputting the transactions, but what they hadn’t thought of was using a .csv file to upload their daily transactions.

Sounds complicated, but it’s an excel spreadsheet in its simplest form. All banks allow you to download statements into an excel spreadsheet and these can be used to upload your bank transactions into your accounting system.

Each accounting system requires the .csv file to be in a certain format and once you have mastered this, it becomes a very simple process that takes minutes and can save you a considerable amount of inputting time and reduce the number of errors made.

Give it a go and if you need some support with your first upload, complete the call back form below or call us on 01926 671870 and we can walk you through the process. You will then need to decide how to use all this extra time you have on your hands!



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