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26/03/2019 Paul Knappett

With payroll year end fast approaching, I’m sure every business owner has been inundated with e-mails from their accountant, bookkeeper and accountancy software provider, ensuring we are all aware of the deadlines and how the world could possibly end if these are not met! So, I thought I’d share with you why I believe outsourcing this part of your business could save you money, time and relieve you from all those e-mails next year.


Time should be precious to all of us, as it’s one of few things we can’t control. I can see business owners up and down the country over the next couple of weeks following step by step guides to updating their systems, printing off P60’s and worrying about next year’s tax codes. This doesn’t have to be the case if this small, but very important, part of the business is outsourced to a team of experts.


It doesn’t have to be expensive either. One thing I have found during my time working in the accountancy industry, this is one area they like to exploit when it comes to fees. They like to scare you with acronyms like RTI, P11D, FPS and EPS and convince you it’s hours of work, when really it could be as simple as pressing a couple of buttons. I encourage anyone who is outsourcing their payroll (usually to their accountant), to obtain another quote and start asking the difficult questions like “how much time does it actually take to process my employees’ wages” and watch them squirm!


There is no better time to review your payroll processes than now, with the new tax year just around the corner. So, complete the call back form below or call us on 01926 671870 to see if you can save time and money on your payroll.



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