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Our Head Office is pleased to announce that we have partnered up with Coventry based Game-On Coaching Limited, to provide a full financial outsourcing package. This will include full control of the accounting processes, including payroll, credit control and managing cashflow.

This will enable the managing directors to focus solely on the operation of the business and with our support, stimulate further growth over the coming years.
Game-On Coaching provide have a wide range of services, from structured curriculum planned PE lessons to their activities and sports coaching holiday camps. They are enormously passionate about the development of children. Their philosophy is for children to develop and create an enjoyable and educational environment, where they can benefit from having fun whilst learning key skills and fundamentals in sport.

“We are excited about working with Our Head Office! Accounts and admin were taking up more of our time than any other element of the business. Now we can focus on our existing client base, spend more time with our coaches and look at welcoming new schools into Game-On Coaching”
Arron Cheshire, Managing Director at Game-On Coaching Limited

“People at Game-On Coaching are the exact kind of people Our Head Office has been created to help. Entrepreneurs with a fantastic company, great product but need support with the day to day running of their accounts function. I’m really looking forward to working with Luke and Arron and I’m excited to be part of Game-On Coaching”
Paul Knappett, Managing Director at Our Head Office Limited

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